Healthy Eating/Active Living

Helping our community fuel their bodies well and add more movement to their day.

Too many members of our community have to settle for fast food because it’s cheap and readily available, and often aren’t able to get enough exercise in their day. The Saturday Community Healthy Eating and Active Living program is our way of reducing barriers and empowering community members to make healthier food choices and boost their physical activity. With classes like Zumba, cardio line dancing, yoga, and Taekwondo, we’re helping people see exercise as a fun activity they can do with friends. We also teach cooking classes to help people learn about how to improve their nutrition one meal at a time.

After the class, people are invited to visit our farm stand to check out all the healthy produce grown right here on the farm. Plus class participants get free strawberries – the perfect post-workout treat.

This program was made possible thanks to the generosity of donations and a grant from Resourceful Communities.

Unfortunately we have run out of funding to continue this program in 2022 or beyond. Would you like to help us provide healthy activities for our community? Please get in touch.

Helping our community one person at a time…

“We learned that two of our participants were undergoing breast cancer treatment, and that they had limitations to access to physical activities. Thanks to our fitness offerings, Yoga and Tai Chi became their outlet to physical and mental recovery, and in the process they learned how to prepare healthy food, decrease consumption of meat, increase their intake of fresh vegetables, and the practice of culinary herbs for cooking – not only to add flavor to their food but to enhance their health.

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Our programs are funded by the generous support of our donors. If you believe in our mission, please consider making a donation.

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